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Sunday, April 10, 2011

12 Block Series: Block 6: Sidebar Single Crochet

Side Bar Single Crochet Block
Made using 100% Worsted Weight Cotton

When a simple stitch is created in a less than usual way, you get a more than usual fabric!  This variation of a single crochet creates the look of a knit stitch across the rows and is two-sided.  Simple in technique, it just takes a moment to figure out.  However, it does not work up as quick as the previous blocks.

Side Bar, Bottom Bar, Bottom Loop, all would be appropriate names for this stitch, and all these names may very well be used somewhere. What the stitch is exactly, is the stitch is anchored (made) by placing your hook into the bar (or loop if you so desire) beneath the front loop of the stitch of the prior row.  Don't worry, I put a pictorial instruction at the bottom of the page!

Keep your stitches loose, and as always, be patient.

Finished size: Approximately 9" x 9" (Using a medium worsted weight (#4) yarn and size H (mm) hook.)

Stitches used:
chain (ch)
slip stitch (sl st)
single crochet (sc)

Special Stitch Instructions: Side bar single crochet:  See Pictorial Instructions at the bottom of this page!! Insert the hook in the bottom side bar of the stitch of the previous row and complete a single crochet in the usual manner. For the last stitch of the row, insert hook in bottom side bar AND into the back bar of the turning chain of the prior row, YO, pull through two loops on hook (the back bar of the turning chain and the bottom side bar of the sc), YO and complete the sc. Picking up the back bar of the turning chain (which I recommend for all stitches and all patterns) will create a smoother side edge.  Without this step, the sides of your work will have a very noticeable zig-zag edge.  


Chain 31

Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across.  Ch 1, turn.

Row 2: Sc in side bar (see Special Stitch above) of 1st sc of row below, sc in side bar of each sc across. Ch 1, Turn.

Repeat Row 2 until length desired, ending with a single crochet row.


Pictorial Instructions:
Yes, lots of pics, and for such an easy stitch!!

For the first stitch of every row . . .

For the first stitch of every row, your side bar is lower down than on all the other stitches of the row.
This is due to the nature of the turning chain that followed it.
You want to insert your hook into this bar (as pointed out by the light blue needle) . . .

In the picture above, you can see the second and third stitch of the row(above the needle).
.  Note how the side bar is closer up the stitch to the front loop.
. . . then just complete a single crochet.  First stitch of row complete!

For the second and all other stitches until the last stitch of the row . . .

For all stitches located between the first and last stitch, insert your hook where indicated in the picture.
 This is the bar UNDER the front loop.
Complete the single crochet as normal.

For the last stitch of every row . . .
For the last stitch, insert hook through side bar loop, then . . .

. . . insert hook through the loop of the turning chain (as pointed out by the light blue needle) . . .

. . .  you will now have 3 loops on your hook.
YO, draw though two loops on hook.  You will then have 2 loops left on your hook.
YO, and draw through these 2 loops . . .
. . .  completing your stitch!

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