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The 12 Block Series

Links to the patterns for each individual block are posted at the bottom of this page.  As I complete each block (and get the pics), I will post the pattern to this list.

Special notes: (This is a work in progress (WIP).  I will be updating this all the time until I am happy with it!)

Here is where I'll have links to instructions for stitches (there are already so many great sites with video instructions that I didn't feel it necessary for me to jump on that bandwagon at this time!), alternative using, and special instructions for increasing and decreasing

Each block . . .

- when created with medium worsted weight yarn and the hook size listed in each individual pattern, will yield a block approximately 9" square.  I felt that this size is large enough to really learn the stitch and get practice in, but not be so large that you get bored with it.

- is created on an approximately 30 stitch chain, variations up and down a stitch as required for stitch pattern.  

- is an overall pattern.  Meaning that there is only one pattern per block, which makes them excellent for learning a new stitch, or stitch pattern.  Some patterns, i.e., Cross-stitch, require two rows to complete the pattern, but still, it's a single pattern.

It is understood that you already have an understanding of basic crochet stitches.  Should you require instructions on them, this is an excellent site (created by Teresa Richardson) to learn via video:  Actually, everyone should check out her videos, as she goes beyond basic and has a bunch of fun patterns to work!!

For use as a Dishcloth:
If you wish to use the blocks as a dishcloth or facecloth (these blocks are sized perfectly for such), a 100% cotton yarn is recommended. (As shown in the pictures, the yarn used is Lily's Sugar'n Cream, 100% cotton in White.  Just a coincidence.). It is also recommended that a slip stitch (sl st) border be added to the  block to help hold its shape better when in use.  Note:  No money is exchanged for me to state Lily's yarn - they don't even know I exist - but, it is the most easily obtainable, and affordable, 100% worsted weight cotton that I can find locally. You can use any weight cotton, but if you use a finer yarn (Knit-Cro-Sheen, for example), you will need to increase the chain row and use a smaller hook.  If you need help calculating the stitch count, let me know.

Make an Afghan!
Should you wish to complete all 12 blocks, they can be joined together to make a beautiful baby afghan measuring about 27" x 36".  Or you can make two of each block and create a lapghan of approximately 36" x 54". Adding a border will increase the overall size.  I'll work on that pattern, too.

I will be updating the above information here as I can.  Sometimes it takes me 50 drafts before I am happy with what I write, so be patient!

Block 1: Cross-stitch Block

Block 2: Sc2tog Block

Block 3: FLO-BLO Block

Block 4: Solid Bauble Block

Block 5: Moss Stitch Block

Block 6: Side Bar Stitch Block