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Monday, March 28, 2011

2nd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week!!

Yup!  They have one of those, too!

As you can tell, I don't post on a daily basis, and this is a good thing (trust me)!  I'd rather save my postings for something that someone may actually want to read. But, after checking this out (you can read for yourself here: ), I have decided to participate.

They do have a set schedule; blog this on Monday, blog this on Tuesday, and I'm not sure about strictly sticking with that, but we'll see.  So, what's on for today?  Discuss two different yarns that you have used.  Okay, I can talk yarn!  But, I'm not going to limit myself to two because I don't want you to limit yourself.  It took me a long time to start experimenting with yarns and I regret that deeply.

I, like many, started crocheting with Coats and Clark Red Heart (now called Red Heart Super Saver) because it was cheap and readily available - perfect for a pre-teen on an allowance.  To this day, I have a stash of this yarn.  It works up easily, washes well, and stands up to abuse.  I like it for afghans and toys for children.  It would be years later when I would move on - to Caron's Gold (now called Caron's Simply Soft).  I referred to this yarn as Heaven on a Hook!  It was sooo soft! Much softer than the Red Heart.  I enjoyed this yarn for years, and, again, I still have a stash, albeit a much larger one.  Currently I am using this for an afghan, which I will eventually post here.

I'm not a yarn snob, far from it, which is a good thing because I couldn't afford to be one!  But, I have expanded my horizons greatly of late and moving away from acrylics.  A few months ago I bought some beautiful Berocco Vintage, a wool yarn.  I was enjoying using it, until my fingers started to crack and bleed.  Allergies to lanolin will do that.  I gave the unfinished hat and remaining yarn to a friend from my knit/crochet group, the Cape Cod HAPPY Yarncrafters (CCHY). She'll put it to good use!

From a woman in the same group I got some Berocco Comfort, a nylon and acrylic blend.  It has a totally different look and feel over other yarns I have used.  It works up nicely but you see right away if you don't keep your stitiches even.  It looks soft of spongy, and without the definitive multi-strands.  I think that a child's afghan would be a perfect use for it.

Recently my local Michael's has had Bernat Satin Sport on clearance for $1.29 (yeah!) and I've picked up a few skeins in Aqua and a few more in Meadow (a multi-color).  The Meadow will be made into a sweater for for niece's daughter, Ella.  I'm still thinking about the Aqua.  A sport weight yarn is thinner than worsted weight, and perfect for baby and toddler clothing.  Your stitches will be smaller and therefor  you can get a lot of detail in your pieces.

Of late, my favorite yarn material to use has been 100% cotton. I started with the cotton right after the disaster with the wool. (Not knocking wool.  I will get some superwash wool soon enough and give it a try.)  I've become hooked on it (no pun intended).  The 12 Block Series is being done in Lily's Sugar'N Cream 100% cotton.  I have plans for a tank top, and possibly a summer dress.  The tank will be published here once I get it done.  Hopefully in May. We'll see about the dress.

Tomorrow, I get to play with some alpaca!  Getting it delivered to me at the CCHY meeting and I really am looking forward to it as it's been a really long time since I've used alpaca, and it'll be the first time I've used commercially prepared alpaca yarn.

Everyone who reads this should go and get a yarn that they've ever used before.  Expand your horizons, and your stash.  Try something in a differeint wieght, or fiber content. Make yourself something sweet!


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