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Friday, March 11, 2011

Welcome! Grab a hook!

My first offering will be for a series of 12 blocks, all to be worked in straight rows (no in-the-round blocks).

Please note that though these blocks are all easy to do, an understanding of basic crochet stitches is required. The Art of Crochet by Teresa is a solid source for video instructions and can be found here:

For Beginners and Beyond:

and most of her videos are on YouTube here:

Special Note: If you are feeling adventurous, I suggest giving her Crocodile Scale Scarf a go!

If you find you are having any problems or questions, feel free to post your question in Comments (of the appropriate block) and I'll get you an answer as soon as I can!

I'll be posting the instructions for each block individually, with each new one being posted within three days of the one prior.

So, grab your favorite beverage, a hook and a skein of your favorite yarn, and follow along with me!


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