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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day Two . . . and three . . . on Day Four!!

Okay, I tried!  Yesterday (actually Tuesday as it is now Thursday), I got my day all screwed up and then I went to the CCHY knit and crochet night.  Today (actually yesterday as it is still now Thursday), I was gone all day and haven't had time to do anything fun (read: crochet)!  So, now (still Thursday!) I'm going to give you Day Two of the Daily Blog.  Day Three is going to be a wash, so don't count on seeing it.  It's 1am and I'm heading to bed after this.

The subject is (drum roll for those of you that didn't check the link in yesterday's (I mean Monday's)  post): A comparison of where I was this time last year compared to where I am now (pertaining to crocheting).  Okay, this'll be short!

During the course of this past year I have made a major effort to up my crocheting.  And my stash! So far, my stash is winning.  Though I have done some major planning, it always seems that life just gets in the way.  I'm sure you understand.

I'll admit, starting this blog has been a source of inspiration as I have already started planning the next set of blocks.  At least the idea for the next set; I haven't started making them yet. Knowing that there are people who are enjoying them has made me want to continue on with bigger and better.

Okay, you have Day Three as it's even shorter.  Yarn Wrangling:  A very long story (too long to tell and I'm too tired to tell it) caused my craft room to be turned into a guest room this past summer. And though they have moved on, I haven't gotten the room put back together again, so the yarn sits on top of the bed that is in there.  Really!  It's all piled up on the bed!  Well, piled if I put it all together and squish it a little.  It's more like a middle aged spread on the bed (full size) with some still in bags.  Then there is the stash in the basement that was moved there when my room got transformed.  Oh, and the stash in the living room that is being used in my current and about to be current WIPs.  I don't think there is anything else hiding anywhere but I could be wrong.  Anyways, I don't have some great plan for stashing the stash.  As I have dogs, and they shed, I tend to keep the yarn covered, as in bags or boxes.  This does present a problem when I'm trying to find a particular skein. I should just take the room back and get it organized, but I'm going to be gone again tomorrow  . . . I mean today!

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